“Go On”

Lately, I’ve been applying for jobs for after graduation and I’ve found that I do not have the necessary hard skills for many  of the jobs I would like to have. I don’t know how to use a certain software, I haven’t programmed in such and such language, etc. I know I’m capable of learning […]

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Symmetry has been said, scientifically, to be an indicator of human beauty. Women with level eyebrows, evenly spaced features, and identical eyes are more likely to be considered beautiful than those of us with an imbalance in our features. Of course, many find personal quirks endearing and charming, and that lopsided smile or crooked nose […]

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Some days I know with out a doubt that events that occur in my life are the result of my conscious decisions to do one thing or another. These are the days where, good or bad, I feel utterly in control of my life. But then there are other days, like today, where despite my […]

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Change: Crossing the Road

At some point in our lives each of us go through periods of change. Like big, big change. For some people these times are exciting and they relish the opportunity to experience something different, but for others these times elicit panic and uncertainty, self-doubt and trepidation. In a way, I think times like this relate […]

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Missed Opportunities

Yesterday I saw the daily prompt and drew a blank. What in the world could I write stemming from the word “gone”? I know there were endless options but in the moment I couldn’t find anything that spoke to me. I decided to wait and hope something came to me throughout the day. Needless to […]

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The freedom of shelter

“If outside is so good, why has mankind spent thousands of years trying to perfect indoors?”  -Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory There is something to be said for spending time outdoors. The sheer magnitude and beauty of our world is awe-inducing and the sense of being in touch with nature can make us feel truly alive. But however much joy […]

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