…I trembled.

When I was a born, fresh out of the womb, I opened my eyes and trembled with the jolt of shock that I was somewhere new. When I was 7 and learning to ride my bike, my father took off the training wheels and I trembled. I was scared to ride by myself. When I turned 13, my mother stopped homeschooling us and I began public school. As I got off the bus, I trembled. Where should I stand? Who should I talk to? I knew only one person. When I was 15 I met a boy who made me feel like lightning when he touched my hand. Alive, electric, high as the sky and yet more present on earth than I’d ever been. As he drew circles on my palm, I trembled. I didn’t know I could feel so strongly. When I was 17 and I graduated high school, I trembled because it was the end of my childhood and the start of the rest of my life. When I turned 21, I trembled because…well, let’s be real. Sometimes that happens when you’re hungover. And today I tremble because each of those experiences is over. None will ever be new to me again, or experienced the way they were when I was 7, 13, or 15. I tremble because time passes, and I can do nothing to slow its pace.

Via Daily Prompt: Tremble


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