The Scent of Memories

There are many things we come across in our daily lives that evoke memories. Maybe we see a baseball and it reminds us of when we played ball as kids. Maybe we hear a song and it brings back the feeling of our first heartbreak or our first dance at our wedding. But some of the most overwhelming floods of memories come not from a sight or a sound, but from a smell. 

One smell that always sends me back to my childhood is Kraft Mac & cheese. When I was younger, my mom would take my brothers and I to visit my grandma. We would play all morning, visit our favorite hands-on kids museum, or go to the park and then, because my brothers were picky and we all loved it, my grandma would make us hot dogs and Kraft Mac and cheese. Every time I smell that aroma, I think of my Grandma’s house. I think of the memories we made there, her Cookie Monster silverware and plastic kiddie cups with characters on them that I believe came from Pizza Hut. I think of playing with little jumping frogs, building structures with jenga blocks, and attempting (and failing) to pick out every bone without sounding the buzzer in Operation. I also distinctly remember my brothers watching marathons of whatever edition of power rangers was out and when I got frustrated that they wouldn’t come to the table for lunch because they were glued to the TV, I would march in and shut off the TV (bossy child, I know). 

I have to wonder how many of these memories would be lost if I didn’t have the chance to re-experience them from time to time. Would I even remember the paper dolls I played with in the back bedroom, or the games I played with Grandma? All I know is that I am thankful that we are wired in a way that let me relive my memories simply by pulling out a box of Kraft.

What memories have scents brought back to you?

Via Daily Prompt: Scent


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