“Go On”

Lately, I’ve been applying for jobs for after graduation and I’ve found that I do not have the necessary hard skills for many  of the jobs I would like to have. I don’t know how to use a certain software, I haven’t programmed in such and such language, etc. I know I’m capable of learning these things and that I would excel in such a position, but my lack of current knowledge on the subject places me in the category of “unqualified”. I’ve become fairly bitter toward my soon to be alma mater for leaving me without the many of the skills I need to be successful in the careers I am seeking. Isn’t it their duty to teach me those? Isn’t that why I’m paying thousands of dollars each year? The answer to those questions is, of course, yes. They have a responsibility to prepare me, and in my eyes they have failed. However, isn’t it also my duty to prepare myself? If I saw that my chosen institution was leaving gaps in my education, it was my duty to be responsible for my own success by filling those gaps, regardless of how difficult it would be to do so. Regardless of the obstacles.

A line from a book I’m reading captures this sentiment so clearly. “Well then, go on with your hands tied. Go on in chains. Go on. It must not stop you.”

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2 thoughts on ““Go On”

  1. I was in exactly the same boat. I think schools are not supposed to teach you everything, but they do provide you with a number of fundamental skills you will need to succeed in your career: ability to research, critical thinking and writing intelligently. The rest is up to you. Also, the world is changing so fast; we are constantly learning. It’s important that you keep up with the skills in demand by perhaps teaching yourself and/or taking classes outside work hours.

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    1. I wish I felt that my college experience gave me even that much! In all honesty, I mainly feel like college was just a place for me to pass some time while I matured a little. Nevertheless, you are so so right. It’s important to take the steps to do some learning on my own– which I have begun to do recently and plan to continue 🙂


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