Nesting: Preparing for the Birth of a New Me

When pregnant, many women develop a strong urge to clean, organize, and otherwise prepare a home for their coming baby. They tidy the home, prepare a nursery, read countless parenting books, and put together a hospital bag.

While I am not expecting a child, I have found that lately I have been doing some serious nesting of my own. You see, several months ago, I received an letter containing news I had waited on for weeks: I had gotten into my first choice grad school! Ecstatic, I called my parents, texted my best friends and floated on air for at least the next 24 hours. I was moving to Texas. What was a tentative plan only hours before was going to be my reality in just eight months! I was so giddy, so elated and quite honestly terrified that I immediately began preparing what I could. I created a spreadsheet, detailing the costs of everything from a moving trailer and first and last month’s rent, to throw pillows and Saran Wrap. I plan to try to cut tuition costs by deferring admission for a year and establishing residency before attending school, so I researched the best and worst areas to live and calculated my living expenses to see how much I would need to make to get by. I signed up for roommate searches and apartment finders, checking prices daily to see what I would be able to afford. I even followed Instagram pages of many social media influencers in the area (just so I would know the best places to get pizza and dessert, to be honest).

I also began looking at this move as a chance to cultivate myself into the best version of who I am. Since friends have a tendency to impact your behaviors, actions, outlooks, and opinions I knew I who I ended up around would greatly impact who I become. Because of this, I joined MeetUp, an app designed for interest groups, and found different groups for people who enjoy the same things as me: politics, French conversation, programming, and archery. I even did some research and found a church to attend.

Some people may think that this is overpreparing, but to me this is my effort to do everything I can to ensure that despite being in an a strange place with no family or friends, I will feel at home. That when my feel touch the ground of the Lonestar state I will be in the best position possible to take my life in the direction of my dreams. This is the closest thing to a “fresh start” I may ever have, and while I still have a little over four months until I make my move, this girl is ready to meet her new world.


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