Some days I know with out a doubt that events that occur in my life are the result of my conscious decisions to do one thing or another. These are the days where, good or bad, I feel utterly in control of my life. But then there are other days, like today, where despite my best intentions, my worst decisions and my biggest successes life takes turns I never wanted, never expected, or never deserved. These days can make me feel like I’m floating down a river with no oars to row my boat. Sometimes that thought terrifies me. I need control. I need to know that there is some logical reason behind everything that happens to me and to the people around me. But other times that thought is freeing… The path of my life is up to God. So what if I’m not in control of my boat? That means less time is spent on technicalities and circumventing the obstacles thrown in my way and more time can be spent focusing on the crazy beauty around me.

Via Daily Prompt: Float


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