Missed Opportunities

Yesterday I saw the daily prompt and drew a blank. What in the world could I write stemming from the word “gone”? I know there were endless options but in the moment I couldn’t find anything that spoke to me. I decided to wait and hope something came to me throughout the day. Needless to say I forgot about it entirely. Shortly after midnight last night, it hit me. I forgot to write about the prompt! While it isn’t a big deal to miss a day, I had set a goal for myself to blog each day for a month and already that opportunity was gone. I started thinking about other opportunities I had missed out on and quickly came to the conclusion that I had missed them because I had allowed analysis paralysis to set in. 

Would it be better to get a full-time job in the summer or go for the internship that likely has lower pay? Doesn’t matter. While I weigh the options, both positions are filled. Do I want steak or a rack of ribs? Doesn’t matter. While I hem and haw, mom gets fed up and orders me a salad. Do I want to go on a date with this guy or the other guy? Doesn’t matter. I never give either a straight response and they start dating another girls. 

I’m beginning to realize the harm of indecision. The saying that “no choice is still a choice” could not be more true and, on top of that, the choice that’s made in the absence of decision is often worse than either one I could have chosen myself. 

Fortunately, the mistake I made yesterday was redeemable. The topic of Missed Opportunities provided me with a chance to write about the very thing I had missed out on. But why wait and have to fix your mistakes later?  

Write about one stupid topic or another stupid topic, but write. Decide on the steak or the ribs, but decide. Date the hot one or the smart one, but date one. Choose well or choose poorly, but choose. 

Via Daily Prompt: Gone


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