The temptation to take today’s daily prompt as a chance to create a wistful, amalgam of reflections from 2016 and projections for 2017 is incredibly strong. It would be so simple. I could reflect on the great things I’ve done in the past year, all of the little tragedies that would make my life appear “interesting”, and segue into a moderately profound and beautiful (yet likely unrealistic) vision for the next 365 days. Easy.

But instead, I will resist this urge to be cliché and focus on one idea instead. An idea I hope will become a guiding principle to all of us over the next year: Yesterday’s Errors Are Redeemable. Forgive yourself and ask forgiveness from others. Don’t remain in a state of self-pity over the battles you have lost. Throw yourself into preparations for the next battle so that you will be mentally, physically, and spiritually capable of success. Don’t allow your pride to prevent you from offering necessary apologizies. It would be foolish to pretend that all relationships can be mended and all errors can be erased, but by taking the steps necessary to right your wrongs you can move on with a clear conscience and the reputation of being someone with integrity.

2017 is a new year but, despite the “fresh beginnings” mentality that many of us adopt, the ghosts of our past transgressions will continue to haunt us unless we take steps to eradicate them. Yesterday’s errors are redeemable, and today is the day for all of us to start working toward obtaining that redemption from both the people we have wronged and from ourselves.

Have a blessed new year,


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