Once upon a time…

Once upon a time…we lived in a world where people had backbones.

Where we were free to speak our minds without the constant fear of being reprimanded for giving someone an emotional boo-boo. Where adults didn’t behave like children, and children didn’t engage in the activities of adults. Where children learned respect and not entitlement. In this world, people learned to hear criticism and defend their person, instead of being coddled as if they truly were helpless to defend themselves. Children learned that their needs did not, in fact, come before everyone else’s and that despite their fits, they were not getting dessert before dinner because rewards have to be EARNED and are not given to those who do nothing to deserve them. Face-to-face conversation came easily. People looked each other in the eyes and expressed themselves tactfully but did not change their beliefs just to gain the approval of society. What happened to that world?


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